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Clinical offerings

Health care solutions that come to you

What if your employees had access to the highest level of health care…right at work?
Options like onsite clinics, virtual care and mobile mammography provide access to affordable health care for your employees, onsite or near work. Prevea’s clinical options are fully tailored to meet your business’ needs, with a focus on lowering health care costs.
In fact, for more than 12 years, Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness partners have saved more than $42,000,000 through onsite clinic visits with an average ROI of 18%.​
Clinical offerings include:
  • Onsite or near site health & wellness centers: Many clinical models are available to best meet your needs, such as a dedicated embedded business model, shared business model or an employer/community shared clinic model
  • Urgent care: Walk-in, non-emergency medical care available seven days a week at nearly 20 locations throughout Wisconsin
  • Virtual care: Local, online care for the most common conditions available 24/7, with no appointment needed
  • Physical and occupational therapy: From one-time consultations and ergonomic evaluations to a dedicated onsite therapist, we can customize a therapy program for your business
  • Occupational health: A comprehensive approach to keeping your employees and your company’s bottom line healthy
  • Mobile mammography: Granting greater access for routine mammography screenings at your place of business
  • Employee assistance program (EAP): Offering counseling services for emotional, behavioral, family or stress-related workplace or home problems for your employees
  • Heart calcium scoring: An easy and powerful way to spot early stages of heart disease - while there’s still time to stop it
Seamless, coordinated care
Prevea Health uses an electronic medical records system to ensure patients receive seamless, coordinated care any time they visit a Prevea location or one of Prevea’s six partner hospitals in Eastern and Western Wisconsin. This means that whether your employees seek care at your onsite or near-site wellness center, at another Prevea location across town, or at one of our partner hospitals – their medical records can be easily accessed no matter which location they are in. It eliminates a lot of work and stress for our patients and ensures that we, as health care providers, are all on the same page in caring for our patients.
Rest assured, if your employee uses another local health care system, their medical records are also accessible by our health care professionals.
Determine your clinical health care best practices by contacting Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness at (920) 431-1999.