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Corporate Health and Wellness - Fitness Programming

Fitness and exercise are very important parts of your employees’ health. However, many may struggle to find the time or motivation to get to the gym or stick with a healthy workout routine. LeadWell fitness programming makes exercise more accessible. These offerings will have your employees up and moving to a healthier routine.
GetFit® onsite fitness programming
Are you too busy, don’t like the gym or don’t have the equipment to work out? Eliminate excuses for not getting up and active by bringing a fitness program to the workplace. GetFit Fitness program, designed for the beginner, is a 12-week, classes held twice per week, fitness program that teaches participants the right steps to start and maintain a successful fitness program.
   GetFit includes:
  • Fitness instruction with minimal equipment
  • Basic education on nutrition
  • Education designed for long term positive loss in weight and inches

   One LeadWell participating GetFit business’ results:
  • 20-point reduction in overall risk scores
  • 109.5 total inches lost / 4.97 average inches per person
  • 25 total pounds lost / 2.5 pounds per person

Bootcamp classes are challenging, onsite group exercise classes with traditional callisthenic and body weight exercises, as well as interval training, strength training and sports-based movements. This option may be offered as a progression to our GetFit programming.
Wellness challenges and competitions
Competition is human nature. Prevea wellness challenges tap into the competitive spirit that made both your companies and employees successful in business and uses it to improve the overall health of your employees.
Remember, healthy employees go hand-in-hand with a successful business. People work harder and more effectively if they feel healthy. Also, the competitive aspect of these wellness challenges can build team camaraderie and improve productivity.
Programming is designed specifically to your organization’s risk factors, such as weight loss or healthy eating. The challenges are available as individual or team competitions to help your employees move toward a healthier lifestyle.
   Challenges include:
  • Maintain Don’t Gain: The Maintain, Don’t Gain challenge focuses around the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Many people have trouble with maintaining their weight around this time period.
  • Lose Big & Win: This 12-week challenge teams up employees against each other to see who can lose the highest percentage of body weight.
  • Every Body Move: The Every Body Move is a challenge designed for employees to get all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise as well as promoting teamwork and the overall workplace atmosphere.
  • Survivor Challenge: This 7-week challenge teams up employees and pits them against other teams to “survive” a series of wellness challenges. Groups of four will navigate their way through the challenge and attempt to out-do the other teams.