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Leadership Development

Whether you’re an experienced leader or new to a management position, leading employees can be a very difficult responsibility—a responsibility that people are often not trained to do. Each employee has a different personality, experience level and communication style. So how do we inspire such a diverse group to work together as an efficient, healthy and productive team?
Prevea’s Leadership Coach, Kavita Carlson, LCSW, teaches leadership fundamentals and helps managers define and practice their own leadership skills. Maximizing leadership performance through coaching will create a healthier work environment because employees will be happier—decreasing turnover and increasing productivity—which will improve your bottom line.


Key Services

Women in Leadership Series
Kavita Carlson’s Women in Leadership series helps leaders explore strategies to positively impact their career goals, team and overall workplace.
Leadership coaching
Leadership coaching is an individualized process in which an organizational leader partners with a professional coach to work on maximizing leadership performance. Kavita can help leaders take their careers to the next level and improve working relationships. Together, Kavita and leaders will develop an action plan aimed at increasing self-awareness and changing behaviors. The end product is the ability to transform a workforce and make a positive impact on business.
Leadership assessment tools
A business leader’s personality impacts how he or she leads. With the use of leadership assessment tools, Kavita can help these leaders get to know and understand themselves, and increase their emotional intelligence. The better they understand themselves, the better they will understand those they manage. There is no right or wrong personality when it comes to leading. However, business leaders that know and understand themselves can leverage their strengths, and manage the aspects of their personality that could derail them.

Kavita Carlson, LCSW brings more than 30 years of combined experience in solution-focused leadership development, change management, team development, conflict resolution, self-awareness training and effective communication. She is also trained and experienced in leadership assessment and development. Kavita capitalizes on individuals’ strengths for their betterment and the benefit of their organization.
For more information or to schedule a meeting with Kavita, please call (920) 272-1157 or email to Wellness is the best opportunity to lower your company’s healthcare costs.