Prevea Health

Onsite or near site health & wellness centers

Quality health care that’s convenient and affordable


Prevea Health & Wellness Centers take local, compassionate health care to a whole new level. Whether onsite (at your workplace) or near-site (near your location), local providers are there when you need them…sometimes just down the hall.
Access to quality health care that’s affordable and convenient creates satisfied employees and greatly decreases lost work time because of illness.

  • Increased productivity as employees no longer need to take a half or full day off for medical appointments
  • Greater employee satisfaction as the cost for a medical visit or lab service is well below the cost at a traditional health center
  • Receive an activity report of the center’s utilization and savings to continue to manage improvements for even greater savings

Impact your bottom line. For more than 12 years, Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness partners have saved more than $30,000,000 through onsite clinic visits with an average ROI of 35%.

Dedicated embedded business model with Prevea Corporate Health and Wellness

Dedicated embedded business model

Designed around the individual needs of an employer, this wellness center is located within the business.
Shared business model with Prevea Corporate Health and Wellness

Shared business model

Similar to the embedded model, this wellness center shares its hours and operating cost between other partner businesses. This can be located in a near-site location.
Employer / community shared clinic model with Prevea Corporate Health and Wellness

Employer / community shared clinic model

This unique model provides access to the health and wellness center for a pre-established number of hours. A portion of the center is also open to the community as a traditional health center and for acute walk-in care. The operating costs are shared between Prevea and the employer to service the partnering business(es).
With a Prevea Health & Wellness Center, you will have customized clinic offerings to meet your individual company’s needs, such as:  
Bring convenient and affordable wellness to your business by contacting a Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness team member at (920) 431-1999.