Heart Valve Clinic

Heart Valve ClinicPrevea's Heart Valve Clinic is the first and longest running experienced heart valve clinic in Green Bay. The heart valve clinic concentrates on patients who have known heart valve disease or been told they have a murmur and are available to anyone no matter the severity or type of valve disease.

When treating heart valve disease, it is important to continually monitor its condition. Doing so, doctors are able to treat the condition before symptoms arise. This can prevent damage that may be irreversible.

The Heart Valve Clinic provides education, monitoring and treatment options to patients who have heart valve disease, heart murmurs, or a family history of valve disease.

The program also includes: Patients who use the Heart Valve Clinic typically have better recovery periods after surgery, remain active, feel better and have fewer long term complications.

For more information, call (920) 884-5460.