Hospital Services

Providers who specialize in caring for hospitalized patients.

Hospital Services

Prevea Health has a designated team of providers called hospitalists whose primary medical focus is caring for hospitalized patients. Hospitalists do not have an office practice; therefore, are available at the hospital 24 hours a day for your medical needs. Hospitalists collaborate with your primary care physician and oversee your care from the moment you are treated until the time you are released. Hospitalists will help to educate you and your family members regarding available procedures and support to help make your hospital experience a positive one.

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a provider whose sole responsibility is to take care of patients in the hospital. They do not work in a clinic setting or have outpatient office hours, like most primary care providers. Hospitalists coordinate your admission into the hospital, manage your care and treatment and contact any sub-specialist providers (Cardiologists, Gastroenterologists, etc.) you may need during your hospital stay. As the hospitalists care for you in the hospital, they are also working with your primary care doctor to discuss your condition and what should be done once you are discharged from the hospital.

What is an Intensivist?

An intensivist works much like a hospitalist, but is a provider with additional training in critical care medicine. They care for patients who are severely ill or are experiencing a life-threatening condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  Like a hospitalist, an intensivist will work directly with your primary care doctor to discuss your condition and any follow-up treatments needed once you are released from the hospital. 

What does this mean for you?

Being cared for by a hospitalist or intensivist during your stay at HSHS St. Vincent, St. Mary’s, St. Nicholas or St. Clare Memorial Hospitals means you are being cared for by providers who are specially trained in working in a hospital setting. You can be assured you are receiving the best care possible, in conjunction with the high-quality care you already receive from your primary care doctor with Prevea Health.

Frequently asked questions

Who will be my hospitalist while I am in the hospital?
You may see more than one hospitalist during your stay. Each physician works as a member of the hospitalist team which assures prompt high-quality care.

Each day, the hospitalists involved in your care will discuss your medical concern. This sharing of information will help determine the best course of treatment for you.

When will my hospitalist see me?
A hospitalist team member will see you daily. If your care requires more attention, the hospitalist may see you more than once a day.

Can I ask questions?
Yes, you are encouraged to ask questions. You are a key partner in your care; the more you know about your illness and treatment, the better you can prevent complications and future problems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for clarification on something you don’t understand.

When can my family speak to the hospitalist?
The best time to meet with the hospitalist is when he or she visits your room. We are happy to schedule a time for multiple family members to meet with the hospitalist if preferred.

If it’s not possible for your family spokesperson to meet with the hospitalist, they can leave a note with your nurse requesting the hospitalist to contact your family member.

Will the hospitalist coordinate my care with other specialists?
The hospitalist coordinates your treatment and will help you get specialty care when needed. Depending on your medical condition, the hospitalist may turn over your care to a specialist such as a surgeon or cardiologist. As your condition improves, the specialist may return you to the hospitalist for care.

Will my doctor continue to be informed about my illness and treatment?
We strive to keep your doctor involved in your treatment and informed about every aspect of your illness and care.

What happens after I’m discharged?
When you are discharged, we will send your primary care provider a complete summary, including test results and any medications given. This is often in your doctor’s office before you are discharged, allowing your doctor to provide any follow-up care you need.

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