On-Site  Services

Support your employees with on-site health care services.  Prevea offers a range of worksite-based care and education, from occasional health education programs to fulltime worksite clinics.

On-site health care services support your employees by helping them to stay healthy or manage existing disease.  These same services provide a healthy return to your bottom line.

Employers can save money on their direct heath care costs and realize additional benefits such as increased productivity, fewer lost work hours, improved employee job satisfaction and lower turnover.

An on site Prevea nurse can work with your company to provide:
  • Accident and injury care
  • Preventative health care programs
  • Pre-placement screenings
  • Heath and safety education
  • First aid, wound care, and suture removal
  • Immunizations and physician ordered injections
  • Ergonomic assessments
Prevea will work with you to design a program appropriate for your organization.  Make us an active member of your wellness team.