Joints inMotion

If surgery turns out to be the best treatment option, you can count on us. Through Joints inMotion, our free exclusive joint replacement preparation and recovery program, you will receive the support of your own Joints inMotion Coordinator who will ensure your joint replacement surgery is a smooth experience. All leading to a healthy and speedy recovery.

The Joints inMotion experience includes:

  • Coordinated multi-disciplinary care
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • A comprehensive patient educational binder to take home
  • Small group education classes
  • Celebration meals
  • Post-operative physical therapy

To help achieve successful recovery after joint replacement, patients are asked to have a “coach.” The coach can be a family member or friend who will be there to support the patient every step of the way.

Patients and their coaches are invited to attend a Joints inMotion class to help prepare them for joint replacement surgery. Topics covered include:

  • Hospital stay including pain management, mobility and anesthesia options
  • Planning for discharge and post-operation therapy needs
  • Home preparation

78% of our patients claim they have mild to no pain when walking six weeks after joint replacement surgery.

Joint Coordinators

Pam Buergi, RN, BSN
HSHS St. Mary's Hospital
(920) 498-4581
Patricia Zenner, RN
HSHS St. Vincent Hospital
(920) 884-5658
Janelle Teunissen, RN
HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital
(920) 459-5178