Healthier youth, happier youth

Balance is key to helping your child maintain a healthy weight and to allow for normal growth and development.

Pediatric Medical Home

Successfully managing your child’s health requires ongoing care. From how to approach nutrition and exercise to how to live an active lifestyle, with the Pediatric Medical Home, Prevea has a dedicated care manager who will work closely with you.

Pediatric Medical Home


Healthier Youth Classes

To help reduce childhood obesity and its complications, Prevea Health partnered with LIVE 54218 to establish Healthier Youth—the first medically based fitness and wellness program in the area.

Healthier Youth holds weekly session of classes that teaches families how to manage their health through education, exercise, diet modification and simple lifestyle changes. Classes include medical, nutritional, physician and behavioral components to help families learn healthy eating and exercise habits that will last a lifetime.

About the classes:

  • $250 for weekly group classes
  • A fitness instructor leads a group exercise during every class and works with families on the techniques and fundamentals of proper exercise
  • Dietitians teach healthy eating
  • Behavioral Care professionals help participants set goals and improve self-esteem

The program is geared toward families with children ages 7 to 11 that have a BMI above the 85th percentile.

Call Amy at (920) 272-3325 for more information or to sign up.