Common sports injuries & treatments

Common Injuries & TreatmentsWe understand that time out nursing an injury means less time achieving your performance goals. That’s why Prevea Sports Medicine uses the latest technology and treatment methods to get you back to your best and back out there as quickly as possible.

Our experts treat all sports injuries. See a list of most common sports injuries below.


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Physical therapy for athletes and active people

Physical therapy

Therapy for Sports Medicine helps to make sure injuries, joint pain or other performance challenges don’t keep you from the sport you’re passionate about. Your therapy, sports medicine and primary care teams work together to help you return to the top of your game.

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Sports injury prevention

Injury prevention

Prevea Sports Medicine has many programs and offerings designed to keep everyone from casual to diehard athletes, including high school and collegiate players, healthy and active at the highest level.

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What to do if your child or student is injured

If your child has suffered a potentially serious sports injury, contact 911 immediately. For less serious concerns, consult the event’s medical staff when available or call Prevea Sports Medicine at (920) 272-3380.

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What to do if your student athlete is injured