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Sports Injury PreventionBecause sports and physical activities are unpredictable, it’s impossible to prevent injuries 100% of the time. However, there are proactive steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of getting hurt. Prevea Sports Medicine has many programs and offerings designed to keep everyone from active individuals to diehard athletes, healthy and active at the highest level.

Primary care sports medicine doctors

Primary care sports medicine blends family medicine and sports medicine to be your go-to doctors for everything from wellness exams to sports injuries. Our primary care sports medicine doctors understand your passion because, like you, they are driven by their active lifestyle. They know firsthand how active individuals can push their body’s limits, and they’ll work with you to lower and often prevent your risk of injury. 

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iPerform prevention: ACL injury prevention

Learn how to prevent sports injuries
Designed by Prevea Sports Medicine’s leading experts, this comprehensive program helps coaches guide their athletes through a 12-week course that builds the strength, coordination and flexibility that’s critical for preventing lower extremity injuries. The program includes a set of charts and tools for coaches to use throughout their season to lead stretching and exercises, track progress and more. Call to buy iPerform

Fitness Tips for Injury Prevention

Fitness tips

Get professional tips to help you strengthen your functional movements, increase your performance and make you the best athlete you can be.

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iPerform Prevention

Video analysis 

This all-inclusive movement analysis uses the latest technology to identify improper form and provides runners with a plan to improve performance and prevent injury.

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Injury prevention advise for runners

Running advice and injury prevention

Looking for running advice or strength training programs? Do you have leg pain, foot pain or running form questions? Join Prevea Sports Medicine experts at Run Away Shoes to get your questions answered.

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WIAA Physicals

WIAA pre-participation physicals

Young athletes can get their WIAA sports pre-participation physicals for just $20 at several Prevea locations. All proceeds are donated to your school’s athletic department.

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Customized programs

Does your team, school or organization have a unique sports medicine need? Let us help you design customized prevention programs for athletes, coaches and parents to help maximize performance, energy, enthusiasm and, most importantly, team safety.

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