Cancer Rehab Program

Healing from cancer to the fullest

Each person’s cancer journey is different. Whether it’s surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or any combination, cancer treatment can significantly affect the body. You may be experiencing challenges like fatigue, chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, post mastectomy pain syndrome, incontinence, loss of balance, scar tissue or other issues. No matter what cancer-related challenge you face, our therapy specialists are ready to help you build strength, regain confidence and take control of your life.


Specialized care for cancer recovery

Our specialists work with you to understand your overall health and lifestyle goals. Together, we’ll develop a treatment plan that will best meet your unique needs. Often a blend of therapy types will provide the most benefit.


Lymphedema therapy

Some people experience swelling, known as lymphedema, from their cancer treatments. This condition can be managed and improved with:


Physical therapy

Physical therapy is available before, during and after treatment. We can limit side effects from treatment and improve your daily life and overall recovery, so you’re able to live as fully as possible. Based on individual need, exercise, lymphedema therapy, manual therapy or resistance and strength training may be incorporated.


Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy helps you establish routines and increase your quality of life in many ways. We will help you overcome challenges with everyday activities like eating, dressing and bathing, lymphedema care, among others.

Speech therapy

Some forms of cancer treatment create challenges related to the mouth, including eating, swallowing and speech. Fortunately, most conditions can benefit from expert therapy.


Up to 95% of all cancer patients have some residual effect from their cancer or treatment that could be improved with rehab therapy.


AnewSM Cancer Survivorship

Anew is a program provided by HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Regional Cancer Center and Prevea Health. It supports patients with a broad range of services beyond traditional cancer treatment to restore and replenish body, mind and spirit. Help is available upon diagnosis, before, during and/or after cancer treatment.

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The full spectrum of therapy for cancer recovery

Cancer treatment can create both short and longer-term setbacks. But whatever your cancer-related challenge, our certified therapy specialists are ready to help you build strength, regain confidence and take control of your life.

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