Medical care for women of every generation

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You deserve inspired care, personalized for your life right now and into the future.

At Prevea, you'll discover a place that betters the health care experience for women by providing care that is genuine, encouraging and empowering. From routine annual wellness exams to treating menopause and everything in between, our expert gynecologists offer a comprehensive range of care. You can be confident that we are the right partner to understand your needs right now and as they evolve throughout your lifetime.  

Gynecologic services:

  • General women’s care for all ages
  • Teenage concerns
  • PMS counseling and treatment
  • Breast concerns
  • Infertility concerns
  • Preconception counseling
  • Contraception
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Birth control prescription (pill, patch, ring, Depo Provera)
  • Diaphragm fitting and prescription
  • Consult and insertion of Nexplanon and Intrauterine devices (IUD)
  • ESSURE – office-based, incision-free sterilization
  • Tubal ligation
  • Abnormal pap treatment
    • Colposcopy
    • LEEP procedure
  • Diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancer
  • Diagnosis, testing and treatment of:
    • Sexually transmitted disease
    • Vaginal infections
    • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)