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Prevea x-ray


An X-ray is a common imaging test that helps doctors view the inside of the body without having to make an incision.
For example, your doctor may want to:

  • View an area where you are experiencing pain
  • Monitor the progression of a disease, such as osteoporosis
  • See the effect of a treatment method
Digital images are taken and given to your provider and the radiologist to view immediately.
X-rays are accessible within your medical record, allowing your provider to view them from any Prevea health center and from our hospital partners; HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center, HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital and HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, when necessary.
And, you don’t have to have a Prevea doctor to take advantage of our X-ray services. But, before coming in, please verify with your insurance company that it accepts services from Prevea.