Sheboygan – Prevea Health is pleased to now offer patients in Sheboygan in need of routine testing for chronic liver disease management a painless, non-invasive option, called FibroScan®. It is used to assess and diagnose patients with chronic liver diseases such as fatty liver and viral hepatitis, which affect millions of Americans.

It is best to explain how FibroScan works by first describing the test patients without access to FibroScan experience. Traditionally, testing is done through liver biopsy. During biopsy, a long needle is inserted through the rib cage and a small sample of liver is extracted and sent to pathology. This procedure typically requires a minimum of seven hours at the hospital, when factoring in prep and recovery time.

FibroScan uses elastography, a technique similar to ultrasound. During the procedure, a probe is placed on the surface of the skin of the rib cage. It emits a mechanical pulse, measuring the condition of the liver through sound waves. The data is then analyzed by a computer which displays a two-dimensional picture of the liver. The procedure is completely painless, takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and results are immediate.
Liver biopsy testing is still available, as it is necessary in some cases. However, FibroScan testing may be a better option for others.

“This is a significant development for patients who suffer from chronic liver disease, such as fatty liver, and require routine testing to reveal the severity or progression of their disease,” said Kristine Nigrelli, APNP, a nurse practitioner at Prevea specializing in digestive health.
The FibroScan procedure is performed by the experts of Prevea Digestive Health at the Prevea Sheboygan Medical Office Building located at 3113 Saemann Ave. on the campus of HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital.

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