Wisconsin – As part of National Men’s Health Awareness Month in June, Prevea Health is encouraging more men to establish themselves with a primary care provider and make annual check-ups a higher priority.
“When you take the time for those regular visits, you’re investing in yourself,” said Dr. Connor Roberts, family medicine physician at Prevea Health. “Seeking primary care and preventive medicine will reduce your risk of those big medical problems that tend to show up later in life. Get ahead of the game and make that appointment.”
Common reasons why men are less likely to visit a doctor or other primary care provider on a regular basis were revealed in a national study conducted by Cleveland Clinic in 2019, in which only 50% of men reported they consider annual check-ups as a regular part of taking care of themselves. In addition, 20% admitted they have not been completely honest with their doctor before. According to the survey:
  • 46% were embarrassed
  • 36% didn’t want to hear they needed to change their diet/lifestyle
  • 37% knew something was wrong, but weren’t ready to face a diagnosis and/or would rather not know they have health issues
Dr. Roberts addresses some of these common reasons men avoid regular checkups and/or being honest with their primary care providers in the newest episode of Prevea Health’s podcast, Plug in to Health. The episode, Hey, man. Your health matters, too.” is available to all at no cost on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple and Spotify and at: www.prevea.com/podcast
“The biggest three health problems I screen for and see in men are what I call, ‘the silent killers’: hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) and type II diabetes,” says Dr. Roberts in the podcast episode. “These are preventive diseases that often don’t reveal symptoms for years, or even decades – but catching these things early will save you so much in the way of medications, doctor visits, complications and future health problems.”
To learn more about the importance of annual physicals, make an appointment with a primary care provider at Prevea Health locations across Wisconsin and for more resources about common men’s health concerns please visit: www.prevea.com/MensHealth.
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