Winter workout checklist:
Are you ready for the cold?

Check the temperature

Check the temperature and wind chill factor before you venture out. According to the National Safety Council, it’s safe to exercise outdoors if the temperature is 20 degrees or higher, provided you're properly dressed. However, when the wind chill factor falls below 20 degrees, it’s best to stay inside.

Layer wisely

Instead of wearing one heavy layer, put on fewer, thinner layers of clothing you can easily peel off. Done working out? Take one layer off at a time to allow your body to cool down slowly.

Wear breathable fabrics

Sweat build-up can make you feel colder, so wear breathable fabrics.

Adjust your distance

If you aren’t used to working out in cold weather, start your workout at half your usual warm-weather distance and warm up indoors for five minutes before heading out. A quick warm up can make you less likely to strain a muscle.

Pay attention to your body

Pay attention to signs you might be getting cold. Symptoms of frostbite include numbness, loss of feeling or a stinging sensation. If you think you might have frostbite, get out of the cold immediately and slowly warm the affected area.

Burn calories with these winter activities

Mix up your workouts to keep you interested in staying fit throughout the winter. Below are a few winter activities and the number of calories a 150-pound person would burn doing each.

  • Two hours of snowboarding will burn 844 calories.
  • Thirty minutes of shoveling snow will burn 211 calories.
  • One hour of snowshoeing will burn 544 calories.
  • Two hours of skiing will burn 953 calories.
  • One hour of playing ice hockey will burn 544 calories.

Get out there and be active…weather permitting, of course!