Prevea Health

Forsite Health & Wellness Center FAQ

Q. When can I use Forsite Health & Wellness Center?
A. Office visits are to be made during personal time. The general attendance policy applies for the visit, just as if you were seeing a provider offsite.
Q. Do I need to identify myself when entering the Forsite Health & Wellness Center?
A. Yes. Upon entering the Forsite Health & Wellness Center, you will be asked for a form of identification, such as a driver’s license.
Q. Will my employer know if I visit the Forsite Health & Wellness Center?
A. No, Your health care information is protected under the federal HIPAA patient privacy rules and standards.
Q. Can I bring a lab order from another provider to the Forsite Health & Wellness Center?
A. Yes, lab orders from other medical systems or physicians can be brought to the Forsite Health & Wellness Center for processing.
Q. How will my primary care doctor (regular doctor) receive test and lab results performed at the Forsite Health & Wellness Center?
A. If you are a Prevea patient, your medical records will automatically be available to your provider through EPIC, the electronic medical record. Many local health systems now use EPIC. There is a function in EPIC known as “Care Everywhere” that, with your permission, will allow other providers to access your medical record within other health systems that use EPIC. Otherwise, records can be faxed to your provider via confidential fax lines.
Q. Can I still use the Forsite Health & Wellness Center if my doctor is not with Prevea Health?
A. Yes. The providers at Forsite Health & Wellness Center will communicate, upon request, about all services including lab work to your primary care provider. If additional follow up is needed, Prevea will refer you to your system of choice.
Q. How will medical information be shared if I am already a Prevea Health patient?
A. Prevea has an electronic medical record at Forsite Health & Wellness Center. Any service provided by the providers will automatically be communicated to your primary care provider through the electronic medical record.
Q. What if I need a service that Forsite Health & Wellness Center doesn’t provide?
A. You may be referred to another provider for services; as a result, that provider’s care will be charged to your insurance.
Q. Does my employer have access to my records because they are sponsoring the Wellness Center?
A. No. Your employer does not have access to medical records. The Forsite Health & Wellness Center is operated by Prevea Health employees. The Forsite Health & Wellness Center is in full regulatory compliance with HIPAA.
Q. Since there is an employer-sponsored Wellness Center onsite, do I need to carry additional medical insurance?
A. Yes. You still need insurance because the Forsite Health & Wellness Center covers a limited number of services. You still need insurance for medical procedures not available at the Forsite Health & Wellness Center, such as X-rays or catastrophic events.