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Ideal Weigh: medically supervised weight loss

Gaining weight is natural. Losing it is a science with Ideal Weigh.
Medically-supervised weight loss by a team who understands how to lose weight, safely.
Many people have the desire and intention to lose weight, but it can be hard to stay on track. Whether dieting on your own or participating in a formal program, it always helps to know what your goal is and how you are going to get there. And, it helps to be on a program you know works so you don’t waste your time and get frustrated. 
That’s where Ideal Weigh comes in. Ideal Weigh is Prevea’s medically-supervised weight loss program and it really does work. Gaining weight is natural and we all have our individual reasons for it happening. No matter what caused you to gain or regain the weight, Ideal Weigh has losing it down to a metabolic science. 

Every one of us has the ability to lose weight when we follow the science of this simple three-phased program. With the help of an inspiring personal coach to guide you, you’ll be empowered to become your healthiest self. When the plan is followed, women can expect to lose an average of two to three pounds per week and men, an average of four to five pounds per week. 

Here's how it works

The body pulls from three sources to obtain and maintain energy: carbohydrates, proteins and fat. The Ideal Weigh method encourages the body to preferentially burn fat stores while preserving lean muscle mass. This is achieved by limiting carbohydrates and ensuring adequate protein intake. Minimizing simple carbohydrates not only aids in rapid weight loss, but also helps improve metabolic measures, such as blood sugar and lipids, which are commonly abnormal in people who need to lose weight.

Your weight loss is overseen by medical professionals.
Many people don’t think about how dieting impacts their body beyond the actual weight loss. Prevea’s Ideal Weigh program is overseen by medical professionals who put your health and well-being first. All Ideal Weigh, participants start by having a consultation with a nurse who specializes in weight loss to make sure they are medically fit to proceed with the program. Knowing your medications and health history are examined closely can give you peace of mind that your weight loss won’t impact other areas of your health. 

There’s a science to losing weight safely.
The reason why we care so much about your health up front is because our program puts your body into ketosis. We know, a fancy word, but it’s an important part of the process to losing weight. Our team is specially-trained in helping people lose weight through a low-carbohydrate, protein-rich, ketosis-based approach. 

When your body is in ketosis, it seeks stored body fat as fuel, which results in weight loss. With the help of Ideal Protein foods, an Ideal Weigh coach will walk you through how to effectively enter into ketosis in a healthy and natural way. 

You will be held accountable.
You meet regularly with an Ideal Weigh coach who will keep you on track. Your coach does not simply hand you information on the program and say, “Good luck.” A coach meets with you in person or via telephone every week to make sure you are adhering to the program and to answer any of your questions. Coaches are here for advice, tips and tricks, and to hold you accountable so you can reach your goal. Sometimes, let’s admit it, we need a little push to get going. A coach is here to make sure you are living up to the expectations you hold for yourself. You will always have your coach encouraging you and making sure you stay on track. 

A coach is your personal cheerleader.
Just as a coach will hold you accountable, they will also cheer you on every step of the way. Sometimes friends and family don’t understand how hard it is to make a lifestyle change to lose weight or that it can be difficult for you to see everyone around you eating what they want. And, they may not understand how much losing those few pounds means to you. A coach understands these feelings and is here to pick you up and celebrate your accomplishments with you. Knowing there is someone always there to talk to and help you push through those difficult days can be crucial to your success.

Remove the guesswork out of weight loss.
There are numerous diets out there with claims that are absurd. By participating in Ideal Weigh, you are signing up for a program that honestly works. You don’t have to guess how many calories or carbohydrates you should be eating in a day. Dieters who are on their own usually overestimate dietary intake and end up plateauing, or worse, failing. Our program takes out that guesswork and lays out exactly what you need to do.  

We’re in this with you, for the long haul.
Once you hit your goal weight, an Ideal Weigh coach will teach you how to properly incorporate carbohydrates and other foods back into your diet, so you can easily maintain and sustain your new physique. We encourage participants to stay in touch after they meet their goal to check-in or do a “tune-up” if they want. Weight loss is a lifestyle change and our coaches are in it for the long haul with you.

Free one-on-one educational session

Schedule a free one-on-one educational session with an Ideal Weigh coach. Simply call (920) 431-1978 to schedule the session.

Free virtual educational workshop

Attend a free virtual educational workshop to learn more about the program.

Key services

Ideal Protein

Our program is successful because we use Ideal Protein products, which promote fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.

Medically supervised

The cost of the program includes regular weight checks, blood pressure monitoring, and BMI and body measurement analysis to ensure you are losing weight safely.

Education partnered with a team to support your weight loss journey

You’ll receive regular education to help you make better food choices for lifelong health, while maintaining an optimal weight.

Tools and resources provided to you upfront

The program includes one-on-one personalized weight loss coaching at all stages of the weight loss plan, including after your weight loss goal has been met.

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We have losing weight down to a science

We’re passionate about helping you lose weight and keep the weight off. When you are ready, find us in Altoona, Appleton, Chippewa Falls, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Oconto Falls, Sheboygan and Sturgeon Bay.