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Wellness Hub

Resources for your health, your happiness.

Founded in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1996, Prevea Health has been serving Northern, Eastern and Western Wisconsin communities at our 80+ locations for decades. But we also have multiple resources for you and your loved ones’ health needs and questions online.

Our Wellness Hub is your one-stop-shop resource providing information about Prevea’s Corporate Health and Wellness program; local support groups; school partnerships related to sports medicine; inspiring stories from our patients and physicians; the latest developments in health and medicine and our own ‘Plug in to Health’ podcast exploring various health care topics.

Whether you’re a Prevea patient or you just want to explore various resources for your health and happiness, the Wellness Hub has something for everyone.

Upcoming classes, events and support groups

Learn more about our upcoming classes, events and support groups near you.

Corporate health and wellness

Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness provides simple, personal and effective solutions for your business to deliver healthy results.

School partnerships

We are passionate about helping top university, college and high school teams win with our sports medicine expertise on the sidelines and beyond.

Plug in to Health - a Prevea Podcast

Plug in to Health is a podcast dedicated to exploring health care topics that matter to you, the latest developments in health and medicine, and the inspiring stories that emerge from Prevea Health, our partners and the communities we serve.

The latest from Prevea Health

Breakthroughs & breaking news from the medical experts at Prevea Health

Heart disease in men

Each year, more than 10 percent of all deaths in men in the U.S. are attributed to heart disease, which refers to several conditions that affect the heart

Fight the Flu

There are very few common illnesses that can make you feel quite as bad as the flu. Luckily, flu season occurs only once a year. But even one flu illness can be devastating for some patients.

Hunting season safety tips

Reduce a trip to the doctors office by wearing the right footwear and apparel during hunting and hiking seasons.

June is men's health month

Did you know that women outlive men by an average of 5 years? June is Men’s Health Month, dedicated to raising awareness about health issues that affect men and encouraging men to live a healthy lifestyle.

Manage your child’s health care with MyPrevea proxy access

With MyPrevea—a convenient, secure and confidential online resource—you have access to your personal health information from any computer or mobile device at any time.

Respiratory syncytial virus infection (RSV)

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms. While most people recover in a week or two, RSV can be serious, especially for infants and older adults.

What to expect at your physical exam

A preventive care physical exam is an opportunity for your provider to conduct an overall “checkup” on your health and well-being. As such, physicals play an important role in preventive care.

What you need to know about handwashing

Handwashing the right way can help prevent the spread of disease. The CDC recommends cleaning hands with five simple and effective steps.

Family medicine residency programs

Residents are licensed physicians who have completed medical school and are now going through specialized medical training in a particular field of medicine.

Compassionate, comprehensive care

At Prevea Health, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive array of medical services for you and your loved ones, including family medicine, urgent care and specialty medicine. You’ll receive exceptional, compassionate care.