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Wellness Hub

Resources for your health, your happiness.

Founded in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1996, Prevea Health has been serving Northern, Eastern and Western Wisconsin communities at our 80+ locations for decades. But we also have multiple resources for you and your loved ones’ health needs and questions online.

Our Wellness Hub is your one-stop-shop resource providing information about Prevea’s Corporate Health and Wellness program; local support groups; school partnerships related to sports medicine; inspiring stories from our patients and physicians; the latest developments in health and medicine and our own ‘Plug in to Health’ podcast exploring various health care topics.

Whether you’re a Prevea patient or you just want to explore various resources for your health and happiness, the Wellness Hub has something for everyone.

Upcoming classes, events and support groups

Learn more about our upcoming classes, events and support groups near you.

Corporate health and wellness

Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness provides simple, personal and effective solutions for your business to deliver healthy results.

School partnerships

We are passionate about helping top university, college and high school teams win with our sports medicine expertise on the sidelines and beyond.

Plug in to Health - a Prevea Podcast

Plug in to Health is a podcast dedicated to exploring health care topics that matter to you, the latest developments in health and medicine, and the inspiring stories that emerge from Prevea Health, our partners and the communities we serve.

The latest from Prevea Health

Breakthroughs & breaking news from the medical experts at Prevea Health

Fuel for fitness

Do you know why it's important to fuel for fitness? Watch this video to learn why you need to fuel for fitness before, during and after your workout.

Five training foods to boost performance

Most people will put the same 10 to 15 items in their cart every time they go grocery shopping. However, are those the right foods to be putting in your body when you are training for a marathon or other intense event?

Coffee and running performance

As runners we are usually looking for an edge. Whether you are training for your first half marathon or marathon or are a seasoned veteran, runners usually want to feel great or get faster during the race.

Stay safe while running in the dark

Whether you prefer to run in the early morning or after work, darkness is evident during certain times of year. Running in the dark brings on its own challenges

Fuel for your body

When should you eat before exercising? Eating too close to your workout could result in GI issues. Eating too early may result in loss of energy toward the end of your workout

6 power foods to have during training

While runners may burn a lot of calories doing what we love, we still need to be conscious eaters.

Running on empty

Of course, many runners enjoy a cocktail every now and then, but what does too much alcohol do to overall performance?

Proper hydration

Hydration is a key component to successful training. Consuming the appropriate amount of fluid will help performance and prevent injuries.

What water should I drink?

Today, the new craze is plant-based water. This water is created with liquid or powder extract from plants. Here are a few plant-based waters that are on the market

Compassionate, comprehensive care

At Prevea Health, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive array of medical services for you and your loved ones, including family medicine, urgent care and specialty medicine. You’ll receive exceptional, compassionate care.