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Trying to have a baby?

Starting a family or adding to your family is a very special gift. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s important to know it may not happen right away. For some, it can take up to a year to get pregnant.

Stay safe while running in the dark

Whether you prefer to run in the early morning or after work, darkness is evident during certain times of year. Running in the dark brings on its own challenges

Fuel for your body

When should you eat before exercising? Eating too close to your workout could result in GI issues. Eating too early may result in loss of energy toward the end of your workout

Coffee and running performance

As runners we are usually looking for an edge. Whether you are training for your first half marathon or marathon or are a seasoned veteran, runners usually want to feel great or get faster during the race.

6 power foods to have during training

While runners may burn a lot of calories doing what we love, we still need to be conscious eaters.

Five training foods to boost performance

Most people will put the same 10 to 15 items in their cart every time they go grocery shopping. However, are those the right foods to be putting in your body when you are training for a marathon or other intense event?

Fuel for fitness

Do you know why it's important to fuel for fitness? Watch this video to learn why you need to fuel for fitness before, during and after your workout.

Running on empty

Of course, many runners enjoy a cocktail every now and then, but what does too much alcohol do to overall performance?

Proper hydration

Hydration is a key component to successful training. Consuming the appropriate amount of fluid will help performance and prevent injuries.

What water should I drink?

Today, the new craze is plant-based water. This water is created with liquid or powder extract from plants. Here are a few plant-based waters that are on the market

Gel, bar or drink - which one is best for me?

Sometimes it can feel confusing when you are trying to decide your nutrition plan for the long race. Congratulations on taking the time to decide which gel, bar or drink will be the right one for you.

Eating well through the taper

The taper is the time to recover and get your body ready for the race. However, you have been used to running significant miles every week training for the full or half marathon and eating whatever you want.

Taper, how should we do it?

Tapering is when runners slowly reduce their amount of training miles prior to race day. It is one the toughest aspects of marathon training,

Mental training tips

Physical training is an integral part of training for a race, but successful mental training is just as important to crossing the finish line.

How to stop negative thoughts when running

Many people would agree that running is a physical activity. However, running long distances also has a big mental component that some people don’t even take into consideration when training.

The power of positive thinking

When you are training, think about the race often. Visualize you are doing well during the race and learn to be patient when you are not doing well.

Should I run when I'm sick?

Dedicated runners venture through snow, wind, rain and sleet to make sure they stay on their training schedule. During the winter, many people get sick and wonder if running will prolong getting well.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot disorder that affects more than two million people every year, especially runners. It is inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue on the bottom of the foot.

Runner's knee: Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Runner's Knee, also called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, occurs from overuse of the knee in sports or activities such as running.

Know the signs of frostbite and hypothermia

With the frigid temperatures also comes the risk of cold-related injuries.