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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
Insecurities about the way we look can wear us down over time, causing deep-rooted feelings of insecurity and shame. Body criticism surrounds us almost every day, and oftentimes, we are harshest on ourselves.

Take some of the following steps to boost your self-esteem; then spread that body positivity to your friends and family.

Replace negative thoughts - If you catch yourself thinking something negative about your or someone else’s body, stop yourself, and redirect that thought into something positive.

Notice what your body can do - Rather than focusing on what we look like, focus on what your body does every day. From climbing stairs, running, laughing and even breathing, your body does incredible and important things. Concentrate on feeling gratitude for your body rather than focusing on your insecurities.

Treat yourself - So much of our time and energy can be spent in a negative way. Break the cycle by taking some time to let your body know you appreciate it. Do something relaxing or empowering; like taking a bubble bath, meditation or yoga, or even just a nap if you’re feeling burnt out.

Make a list - Sit down and list out at least ten things that you like about yourself. They can be physical or character traits; the important thing is that these things make you feel good about yourself. Save the list for the next time you are feeling especially negative about yourself, and read your list. Add to it as you find more things to love about yourself.

Remember, body positivity is a habit. The more you practice it, the stronger your self-esteem will be.