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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
Persons Sneakers Running

Marathon and race day - training and support

Helping you reach your running goals
As the official health partner of various community marathon events, Prevea Health is proud to sponsor several training opportunities for participants and be your training expert. Whether you are an experienced runner or are hoping to complete your first half marathon, Prevea offers something for everyone to help you stay healthy, enjoy your training experience and achieve your running goals.

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon


Medical support:

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Injured? Aches? Pain?

We understand that when you are injured or have aches and pains, you want answers as soon as possible. You want to be seen immediately and start your treatment plan to get back to your training program. At Prevea, orthopedic appointments are typically available same day or next business day!

Improve your running performance?

Do you want to improve your running performance, decrease pain or prevent injury? Prevea’s running assessment for runners will help improve your running performance and efficiency. If you are interested in improving your overall running function, contact Prevea Health.

The latest from Prevea Health

News and upcoming events from the medical experts at Prevea Health

Health and wellness

Reaching your running goal, is our goal.

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