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Patient stories

Real patients. Sharing real stories.

At Prevea, we value our patients’ experiences. When our patients’ share their challenges and success stories our team is provided with the information needed to continually improve the quality of care everyone receives when they walk through our doors.

Whether you’re showing up for a routine checkup or emergency care, our physicians’ aim is the same, to take care of people with passion, pride and respect.

We know our patients have options when it comes to choosing a doctor or health care facility in Wisconsin. This is why the stories our patients share with us about the care they received means so much to our organization. After all, one of the most powerful ways to learn about Prevea and our team of providers at HSHS, is to hear the firsthand experiences our patients were willing to share.

Below, are testimonials from patients who experienced health care challenges and choose Prevea to provide them with much needed care. Their heartfelt stories of passionate nurses going the extra mile and expert physicians trouble shooting complex situations, showcases the high level of care which our providers strive to give every last patient.

Charlie's story

Overcoming Knee Pain

Val's story

Rotator Cuff Repair

Brent’s Story

Physical activity is a part of everyday life for Brent, 47, a landscaper and avid outdoorsman. When he fractured his spine in an accident while working at his cottage on Labor Day Weekend in 2022, there was a lot at stake

Mary's Story

After retiring, Mary found herself with serious knee pain which threatened to curb the active lifestyle she looked forward to pursing in the sunshine state.

Jaye's story

A life-changing experience with cochlear implants

Ryan's story

Outsmarting Diabetes