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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
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Our expert therapists treat men’s health issues by creating custom treatment plans. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

Therapy for men’s health

Specialized care to help men reach their healthy best
Why choose Prevea physical and occupational therapy for men’s health?

Many men are known for waiting until something is seriously wrong before going to the doctor. So symptoms like pelvic pain, bathroom trouble or weak muscles and bones may be holding them back from getting the most out of life. There’s no need to tough it out. Help from Prevea’s team of men’s health experts will get you back to your best.

Prevea’s team of physical and occupational therapists specializes in men’s health. We work with your primary physician or specialist to develop an individualized treatment plan, using the latest and most advanced therapy techniques. 

Key conditions we treat include urinary problems/incontinence, pelvic pain and osteoporosis.

Urinary problems and incontinence

Frustrating urinary problems and incontinence affect millions of people each year. Symptoms may develop due to an enlarged prostate, because of stress, after a urinary tract infection, after surgery or while taking certain medications. Therapy can be a source of relief for many urinary issues. Studies show that 80% of individuals who receive therapeutic treatment for incontinence regain or significantly improve control of their conditions.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may benefit from treatment by our men’s health team:

  • Do you frequently urinate?
  • Do you have problems controlling flow or when and how often you urinate?
  • Do you leak urine during physical activity or movement?
  • Do you feel you are not completely emptying after going to the bathroom?

Pelvic pain

Pain in your lower abdomen and pelvis may occur from changes to the prostate or bladder. Pelvic pain may also arise from muscle and ligament tightness or irritation of the nerves in the pelvic floor. Treatment includes therapies to relax the muscles and ligaments and improve muscle use.


While osteoporosis is often thought of as affecting women, twelve million men are at risk with early signs of the disease. People with osteoporosis can break a bone simply with a sneeze or fall. Our team of therapists can help you strengthen your bones, improve your stability and increase your bone density. We do this by teaching you how to exercise, correct your posture and perform everyday activities in a safe manner.

Cash pay is available

We understand that in some situations, it may be less expensive to pay cash for therapy than to go through your insurance provider. And in most cases, no referral is needed. 

No referral needed

Direct access without a referral or prescription to physical or occupational therapy provides you with immediate access to start your treatment without delay. 

Key services

  • Behavioral modification for dietary and toileting habits
  • Biofeedback and electrical stimulation for muscle recruitment and coordination
  • Bladder and pelvic floor muscle retraining
  • Individualized exercise program for pelvic muscle strengthening
  • Manual therapy for mechanical correction, decreased muscle tightness and improved posture
  • Relaxation techniques to decrease pelvic floor muscle tension

Find a therapy for men’s health location

Prevea therapists provide custom care for men so they can take back control and feel their best again. Contact us today to find a Prevea men’s health therapist near you.