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Events, classes and support groups

At Prevea our commitment to encourage health and wellness within our communities is as strong as ever. This responsibility to our patients’ and neighbors’ health goals extends far beyond the walls of our health care facilities, which is why we continually offer free or low-cost educational classes, support groups, and events focused on bettering yourself and those close to you.

Whether your aim is to get active, learn more about your health concerns or find a supportive community of others with similar health challenges, Prevea has resources for you.

The WIAA requires student-athletes to complete a sports physical every other year.

During a physical, the physician will take your child's complete health history, perform an orthopedic screening, examine the heart and lungs, and make sure your child is at his or her best to compete.

In the year a physical is not required, an Alternate Year Athletic Permit Card must be signed by a parent or guardian and kept on file at your child's school. Physicals that take place before April 1 are only valid for the remainder of that school year and the following year.

If your child needs a physical this year, schedule an appointment well before the season starts. To schedule an appointment with Prevea Health, call your child’s physician. The forms you and your physician will need to complete and turn into your school can be found on the  WIAA website.

Cost: $20 - All proceeds are donated to your school’s athletic department.