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Prevea Health

Prevea speech and language therapy


Our speech-language pathologists are specialty trained to help you manage and overcome speech, language and swallowing disorders. They will develop a custom therapy plan to help you overcome voice, swallowing or airway obstacles and reach your recovery goals.


Key services

  • Videostroboscopic imaging for assessment of vocal cord function
  • Videofluoroscopy (swallow X-ray) for assessing swallowing problems
  • Computerized speech lab for complete vocal analysis
  • Comprehensive voice therapy for children and adults
  • Treatment of head and neck cancer, including tracheo-esophageal prosthesis (TEP)
  • Evaluation and treatment of problems associated with cleft lip/palate
  • Evaluation and treatment of vocal cord dysfunction and chronic cough
  • Comprehensive treatment of swallowing problems including safe swallowing strategies and diet consistency management
  • LSVT BIG® & LSVT LOUD®: Lee Silverman Voice Therapy for Parkinson’s disease patients