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  • Mother holding newborn baby
    Ear Molding
    A solution for babies born with ear deformities
  • middle aged man jogging on a trail through the woods
    Movement analysis programs for running, biking and throwing
    Are you looking to improve your running, biking or throwing performance and efficiency? Are you hoping to decrease pain or prevent injury?
  • woman stretching shoulder behind her head
    Tenex Health TX
    When physical therapy, cortisone injections, medication and rest don’t provide relief, the TENEX HEALTH TX™ procedure might be the solution to your long-lasting tendon pain.
  • black man stretches shoulder out while standing on walking path
    Proteus® – measuring your body’s strength and power
    Recovery after an injury can be a long process. To help you return to your best self, Prevea offers the Proteus® System, a patented technology for strength and power evaluation and rehabilitation.
  • white woman and asian man doing uneven pushups in mirrored wall gym
    Muscle analysis MRI
    Prevea Health has partnered with Springbok Analytics, an MRI software company, to create personalized 3D muscular reports to identify and measure every individual muscle
  • Middle age man sitting in a chair in a medical office talking to a doctor
    Hydrogen breath test
    The hydrogen breath test measures the amount of hydrogen produced in the small intestine after a person has ingested a dose of a form of sugar.
  • female physician explaining procedure
    Capsule endoscopy
    You’ve been told by your doctor that a capsule endoscopy is necessary for further evaluation of your medical condition. Capsule endoscopy will provide your doctor with pictures of your small intestine.
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    Bravo™ ambulatory pH study
    An ambulatory pH study is a minimally invasive test that evaluates heartburn and related symptoms. It measures the frequency and duration of acid reflux.
  • female patient speaks to black female doctor while looking at tablet
    What is an EGD?
    EGD may be helpful in the diagnosis of inflammation of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum (esophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis), and to identify the site of upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • image
    Seeing clearly, working safely: the significance of safety glasses
    We all know there are safety glasses and that we should use them in certain situations. But did you know there are different types of safety glasses?
  • prevea logo
    Preparation for colonoscopy
    Colonoscopy is a valuable exam for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases of the large intestine, and for colon cancer screening.
  • Black female nurse talking to young patient on gurney of MRI machine
    Affordable MRI in Appleton and Manitowoc
    MRI is one of the most useful tools physicians have to make an accurate diagnosis and select an appropriate treatment for their patients.
  • Woman holding her nose.
    Chronic sinusitis
    The sinuses are air-filled cavities, located in the bones around the nose and eyes, that allow for air flow and drainage.
  • Male doctor talking to male patient
    Male genitourinary reconstruction and pelvic health
    Prevea Urology has highly trained urologists to diagnose and treat complex problems of male urology.
  • Young woman choosing new glasses
    What to consider when choosing eyeglasses
    There’s no better feeling than receiving a new set of compliments right after changing frames.