Prevea Health

Why Prevea travel medicine?

Are you traveling outside the United States? Let Prevea Health’s Travel Medicine experts take care of the medical details so you can concentrate on planning your adventure.
Who should call Travel Medicine?
  • Pleasure travelers to foreign or exotic locations
  • Business travelers to developing countries
  • Travelers visiting high altitude destinations
  • Trekkers
  • Scuba divers
  • Adventurers
  • Mission workers
  • Students traveling abroad
  • Travelers visiting friends or relatives abroad

Why invest in travel counseling?
Prevea’s Travel Medicine program is dedicated to making sure you have the recommended vaccinations and medications, as well as helpful advice, so you can stay healthy and safe abroad. Our providers will suggest specific immunizations based on your itinerary and your personal health history, and you can decide which ones you’d like to receive.
We’ll answer your travel medicine questions:
  • Prescription medications to treat travel related issues
  • Counseling
  • Immunizations
  • Travel education

How to prepare for your appointment
Your appointment will be more productive when you take time to prepare in advance. It’s important to make your initial appointment at least six weeks before your departure because it takes your body up to four weeks to develop antibodies after an immunization.