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Orthopedics – muscle, bone & joint pain

Expert orthopedic care. Focused on you…and your pain.

Providing specialized orthopedic care for adults and childrenaddressing all injuries and conditions.

Led by accomplished doctors, the Prevea orthopedic team is entirely focused on you—your pain and your needs. Our specialized care addresses issues like hip, knee and shoulder discomfort, or anything that hinders your everyday life, passions and pursuits. 

At Prevea, we have an extensive lineup of medical professionals, including sports medicine and family medicine physicians, physical and occupational therapists, physiatrists, podiatrists, and orthopedic surgeons and physicians to care for your specific concern. They work together ensuring your care goes beyond immediate diagnosis and treatment. They provide personalized long-term solutions, granting you the freedom to savor life on your terms.  

With the latest advancements in treatments and procedures, you’ll get the finest care around. From affordable conservative care solutions to specialized surgeons – should your situation require surgery – our local experts stand ready to restore your fluid mobility with convenient care options for all ages.

Our user-friendly chart aids decision-making based on urgency, cost and availability—allowing you to make informed decisions about your treatment. By phone, online or in-person, Prevea is committed to guiding you through this journey, helping you get the care that aligns with your needs. 

    Back and neck

    When your spine is causing you pain, we have a variety of experts and treatment options to help provide relief.

    Foot, ankle and toes

    If walking is too painful, our team of physicians and providers can help you with your foot and ankle concerns.

    Hand, wrist and fingers

    If you are suffering from an injury, pain or a chronic condition, our hand and wrist care experts can help.

    Hip, knee and leg

    For all your hip, knee and leg concerns, we offer a variety of conservative and surgical treatment options.

    Shoulder, elbow and arm

    If daily activities are affected by shoulder or arm pain, our experts can help you with customized treatment plans.

    Trauma and fractures

    When a traumatic accident happens, our orthopedic trauma surgeons can help at our partner HSHS Hospitals.

    Key services

    Conservative, non-surgical musculoskeletal care


    Orthopedic and podiatry surgery

    • Arthroscopy
    • Cartilage restoration, repair and replacement
    • Fracture management
    • Joint replacement/reconstruction for hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists
    • Ligament and tendon repair
    As a Prevea Health patient, you are always a partner in your medical care. We strive to provide you with the knowledge needed to make educated decisions regarding your health care.

    Ask the Doc interviews

    Watch provider videos to know how Prevea can care for your orthopedic needs.

    Physician articles

    Read articles to better understand prevention and treatment options.

    Surgery videos

    Watch animated procedural videos to understand these surgeries.

    What to expect

    Learn what to expect at your upcoming orthopedic appointment.

    Surgery at the Prevea Surgery Center

    Your orthopedic or podiatric surgery may be performed at the Prevea Surgery Center in Green Bay. This is a unique experience offering a cost-effective, convenient, high quality and comfortable surgical experience. The surgical center specializes in same-day procedures allowing you to recover comfortably at home while also typically paying less than the same procedure performed in a hospital.

    We believe in conservative care first with orthopedic surgery as the last option. However, if the treatment plan includes surgery, we offer surgical care at these surgery centers to best meet your needs: HSHS St. Vincent HospitalHSHS St. Vincent Children’s HospitalHSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center and Prevea Surgery Center in Green Bay; HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital and HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital Sheboygan Surgery Center in Sheboygan and HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital in Oconto Falls.

    Being a patient at Prevea Health is easy and we accept most health insurance plans. Call us today at (888) 277-3832 to start your health care journey. Appointments are typically available same day or next business day!

    If you have any questions regarding a medical issue, please consult with your specialist at the time of your appointment or call Prevea Health at (888) 277-3832 and our staff will be happy to assist you.

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