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Your first orthopedic appointment will include a comprehensive medical history evaluation and a physical exam. If necessary, X-rays or ultrasound diagnostics may be done at this time or an MRI may be scheduled for you. It’s best to wear loose clothing for easy movement for the evaluation and/or diagnostics.
Consider asking a family member or friend to accompany you if you need any physical assistance, language translations or for personal comfort. Prevea does offer language assistive services, free of charge, by calling (888) 277-3832.
At your appointment, it’s best to be open and honest regarding your physical wellbeing with your provider, including the issues you may consider embarrassing, so they can help to you the fullest extent.
Through the physical exam and conversation with your provider, feel free to take notes of the diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Make sure you ask questions along the way, so you leave the appointment with full understanding of the diagnosis, treatment plan and the next step in the process. Your provider may also give you handouts regarding your visit and follow-up care to take home.
After your appointment, if you have any further questions, you may call your provider at (888) 277-3832 or message through MyPrevea.