Pediatric orthopedics

Our comprehensive team of pediatric care experts provide personalized care for our young patients.

Group of children running and flying a kite Group of children running and flying a kite

Why choose Prevea Health for muscle, bone or joint care for your child?

Nothing is better than seeing your kid smile. When they accomplish something – big or small – the look of pride on their face warms your heart. When something gets in the way of that smile, you do everything you can to make it better. Just know, Prevea is here to help. After all, their happiness makes us smile too.

Key services

Evaluation and treatment for


Conservative, non-surgical musculoskeletal care


Pediatric orthopedic surgery

Hand surgery
Including extra fingers, webbed fingers, missing fingers, abnormal thumbs, limited movement or stiff joints, nerve and skeletal injuries, limb disorders due to cerebral palsy, growth disorders in the upper limb.
Imaging and radiology
Services including bone density scans, MRI, ultrasound and X-ray
Spine surgery
Including spinal deformity diagnosis and treatment, scoliosis, spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis.
Sports and athletic injuries
Including concussions, muscle strain or spasm, overuse injuries and ligament tears and strains

We make growing pains, less painful.

Whether it’s a broken arm, a sports-related injury or a complex condition like scoliosis, Prevea Pediatric Orthopedics has a team of accomplished doctors who care for children. Who know all about small bones and joints and how they grow.  

Our pediatric orthopedic specialists provide comprehensive, compassionate care and the most specialized treatments for kids of all ages – from infants to adolescents and even young adults. By treating a wide range of orthopedic issues and blending innovative care plans and surgical approaches with patient-centered care, your child will receive the best orthopedic care possible. All focused on improving the quality of life for our young patients and making those growing pains…less painful. So they can feel like a kid and show off that heartwarming smile, again and again.

Senior doctor touching young child's knee with mother standing behind patient

Movement disorders clinic for kids

Prevea Movement Disorders Clinic allows your child to meet with a team of experts (pediatric neurologist, pediatric orthopedic surgeon and pediatric therapist) in one location with one appointment for your convenience. Together, the specialists develop an individual treatment plan for your child.

Why choose Prevea pediatrics orthopedic care?

Our comprehensive pediatric orthopedic care experts include physical and occupational therapists, sports medicine and family medicine physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and orthopedic surgeons, including a fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon to provide you the most personalized care for your health care needs.

When your child is injured or needs medical care for their muscles, bones or joints, you are wanting immediate answers. Rest assured, Prevea providers are available to help all ages with many convenient options, laid out in this easy-to-use chart. It will help you make educated decisions based on your concern, urgency, treatment needed, cost and availability. Of course, we are always just a phone call away to help guide you and schedule your appointment as needed.

We believe in conservative care first with surgery as the last option. However, if the treatment plan includes surgery, we offer surgical care at these surgery centers to best meet your needs:  HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital,  HSHS St. Vincent Hospital and  HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay;  HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital and HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital Sheboygan Surgery Center in Sheboygan;  HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital in Oconto Falls.

Being a patient at Prevea Health is easy and we accept most health insurance plans. Call us today at (888) 277-3832 to start your health care journey.

As a Prevea Health patient, you are always a partner in your medical care. We strive to provide you with the knowledge needed to make educated decisions regarding your health care.

If you have any questions regarding a medical issue, please consult with your specialist at the time of your appointment or call Prevea Health at (888) 277-3832 and our staff will be happy to assist you.

Pediatric Orthopedic Videos

Broken bones
A broken bone can be caused from a wide range of actions. It might be apparent immediate medical attention is needed or it can go unnoticed for a week or two. Some broken bones can heal on their own, but if left untreated, some broken bones can cause complications in the recovery process.

In this video, Prevea Orthopedics discusses when and where to seek care for a broken bone, treatment options available and the recovery process.
Club foot
Clubfoot is typically diagnosed at birth or earlier through an ultrasound and is a serious condition. Prevea Orthopedics discusses the treatment plan options, how long the treatment can be and what kind of life your child will have once their clubfoot is treated.
Hip dysplasia
Was your child recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia? Prevea Orthopedics discusses that with the proper treatment plan, majority of children have excellent results and no long-term effects to their hips. Watch to learn more about hip dysplasia treatment options and how we ensure your infant receives the best care possible.
Was your child recently diagnosed with scoliosis, which is curvature in the spine? In this video, Prevea Orthopedics explains what a scoliosis treatment plan may consist of including surgical options. Rest assured, your child is in great hands with Prevea Orthopedics expert care team.

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