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Personal health and wellness coaching - Prescription for Wellness


People are often looking to become healthier. But do you really know how to create healthy habits and change your everyday decisions? Maybe you are looking to lose weight, manage your stress levels, increase your physical activity or manage your chronic diseases such as pre-diabetes. Whatever your personal health goals are, Prevea’s Health and Wellness Specialists can help you with your healthy lifestyle changes.
A health and wellness specialist is a trained wellness professional who collaborates with clients to identify SMART goals, determine health or lifestyle changes, and establish a plan for follow-up to achieve maximum results.
Through the Prevea Prescription for Wellness program, your health and wellness specialist will provide patient-centered and individualized lifestyle care through the six dimensions of health and wellbeing, such as physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, social and spiritual, to best meet your healthy lifestyle goals. For focused nutritional guidance, you may also work directly with a registered dietitian nutritionist.
Since each person is on a different journey to wellness, your Prescription for Wellness coaching sessions with a health and wellness specialist or registered dietitian nutritionist will be tailored to fit your specific needs. From nutrition and stress management to injury prevention and fitness consulting, your coach is committed to helping you adopt a healthy lifestyle that supports your wellness goals and achieving long term success.
Your specialist will coordinate care with your primary care provider and other specialists for a well-rounded care plan and ensure all aspects of your health are considered.
Together, you and your specialist can create a plan to help you achieve success along your personal wellness journey.


Prescription for Wellness focus areas

  • Health and Wellness Specialist
    • Exercise and fitness, physical activity, training programs
    • Healthy eating, nutrition and dietary needs
    • Lifestyle modifications to impact chronic disease, such as high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and high blood pressure
    • Nicotine cessation/quit smoking and other nicotine products
    • Reduce stress/stress management
    • SMART goal setting
    • Time management planning
    • Weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    • Individualized weight management techniques and strategies
    • Therapeutic diet interventions, including but not limited to cardiac, food allergies, diabetes and high cholesterol
    • Mindful eating techniques
    • Detailed understanding and summarization of fad diets
    • Utilization of SMART goal setting
    • Focused intervention on any area of nutrition


Prescription for Wellness sessions

During the initial free consult, you will collaborate with a health and wellness specialist or registered dietitian nutritionist to discuss what you want to change, set measurable goals that are driven by you and establish consistent follow-up coaching for maximum results.
30-minute sessions with a health and wellness specialist
  • FREE initial consult
  • $20 per session
  • $58 for 3 sessions (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • $110 for 6 sessions (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • $175 for 9 sessions (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • $215 for 12 sessions (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly
30-minute sessions with a registered dietitian nutritionist
  • FREE initial consult
  • $30 per session
  • $80 for 3 sessions (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • $150 for 6 sessions (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • $200 for 9 sessions (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • $240 for 12 sessions (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
No referral needed. You can self-prescribe by calling (920) 272-3510 to schedule your free initial consult.
Cash, check or credit card are acceptable; Health Savings Account approved. Sessions are not billable to insurance.