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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
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Our expert breast surgeons care for all concerns related to the breast, cancer and non-cancerous conditions.

Prevea breast surgery

World class surgical care close to home
Caring for patients with non-cancerous and cancerous breast conditions

Changes in your breasts are very common, and most are not cancer. However, it’s important to talk to your physician or health care provider if you notice any changes. And, if a visit to breast surgery is needed, know our team is passionate about caring for patients with non-cancerous and cancerous breast conditions. We understand that an abnormal mammogram, a breast lump or other changes in your breasts can be unsettling and that you want it looked at as quickly as possible.

You don’t need to look any further for exceptional breast care services. Our breast surgeons' expertise includes fellowship-training in breast cancer.

Same or next day appointments for a breast lump

Finding a lump in your breast can be frightening. Don't wait to find out what it is. Schedule a same or next day appointment with breast surgery. Changes in your breasts are very common, and most lumps are not cancer, but why wait if you don't have to.

Second opinions matters

Be confident with your cancer treatment plan and schedule an appointment for a second opinion. We’ll see you within days of calling us. At Prevea, we care about you and know it’s important for you to be involved in your treatment plan every step of the way. You deserve a say in your care.

Breast cancer risk assessment program

Become familiar with factors that influence your chance of getting breast cancer. And, stay up to date on your mammograms. The best defense against breast cancer is preventive care.

All women who receive a screening mammogram at Prevea Health will be given an initial risk assessment score. If it's identified that a person is high-risk or moderate risk with special risk factors, a referral to our high-risk program will be recommended. 

Our program includes a consultation with a Prevea Breast Surgery Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner who will:

  • Review your medical and breast health history
  • Review your family medical history for cancer
  • Perform a clinical breast exam
  • Explain your personal breast cancer risk
  • Discuss breast screening recommendations, surveillance options and ways to reduce your risk

Our breast risk assessment services are offered in Green Bay. If you know or suspect you are at high-risk or moderate risk with special risk factors, you may call us directly for a consultation. To schedule an appointment, call (920) 272-3350.

Cancer care

If breast cancer is your diagnosis, you are in the best of hands. A cancer diagnosis changes everything so it’s important to be confident in your treatment plan.

Customized cancer care from a customized team: Our surgical team works hand-in-hand with the HSHS St. Vincent Cancer Centers in Green Bay and Sheboygan and other specialties you may need during your journey. They include experts in imaging, medical oncology, breast radiation oncology, plastic surgery, clinical trials, genetics, breast cancer rehab program, behavioral health and aesthetics.

Most comprehensive cancer survivorship program: Prevea, along with their partners at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Centers, has the most comprehensive cancer survivorship program in Northeast Wisconsin. The program offers specific support services for patients with cancer. You have access to highly-trained medical professionals who specialize in cancer care.

Tumor Board review of every tumor: The most complex cancer cases are brought in front of a group of local cancer experts who determine the best treatment plan for every patient. This group uses national best practices and data from clinical trials to guide their decisions.

Key services

Our breast surgery team treats all concerns related to the breast, cancer and non-cancerous conditions. A woman's breasts are constantly changing and it's important to understand what's normal for you and what needs attention. Our breast surgery team treats the following:

  • Benign lesions such as fibroadenomas and fibrocystic changes
  • Breast cancer
  • High risk lesions such as radial scar or bloody nipple discharge
  • Infections
  • Nipple changes
  • Non-bloody nipple discharge

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Breast surgery

Prevea breast surgery

It’s important to talk to your health care provider if you notice any changes in your breasts.