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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
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Our neuroscience team offers specialized care for neurological disorders and neuromuscular diseases.

Neuroscience - brain, spine and nerves

Your trusted back, neck and brain surgeons in Green Bay
Why choose neuroscience for neurological disorders and neuromuscular diseases?


At Prevea Neuroscience, we understand the importance of teamwork, education and communication to help patients improve their quality of life and well-being. 

Neurologic diseases affect how the entire body works. When something goes wrong with one part of the nervous system – brain, spinal cord or nerves – there can be trouble moving, speaking, swallowing, breathing or learning. Problems with memory, senses or mood can also occur. 

Prevea Neuroscience strives to reduce the burden of neurological disorders and neuromuscular diseases for patients and their families. 

Key services

Evaluation and treatment for adults and children


Surgery including:


Diagnostics including:

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Nerve conduction study (NCS)
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Electrophysiology (EP)
  • Imaging and radiology services including MRI and X-ray

Neurointerventional surgery care

Neurointerventional radiology is minimally-invasive surgery that uses state-of-the-art imaging technologies to treat specific head, neck, spine and brain disorders such as stroke and brain aneurysm. Available at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Neurosurgery for back, neck and brain

Neurosurgery diagnoses and surgically treats patients with brain, spinal cord, spinal column and peripheral nerve injuries, diseases and disorders including spine and brain tumors. Available in Northeast Wisconsin.

Neurology for brain conditions

Neurology specializes in the nervous system and the diagnosis and treatment of its disorders including nerves, brain, spinal cord and muscles such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Available at various Prevea health centers in Northeast Wisconsin

Neuropsychology, studying brain behavior

Neuropsychology studies the brain areas that are responsible for thinking, emotions, intelligence and behavior to determine if a brain disorder or neurological disability exists and will recommend therapy if necessary. Available in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Pediatric neurology treatment options

Count on our renowned pediatric neurologist to provide compassionate care and progressive treatments for your child’s neurological disorders and conditions. Available at various Prevea health centers in Northeast Wisconsin for you and your child’s convenience.

Therapy for neuroscience – PT, OT and ST

When injury, illness or disease affects a patient’s nervous system, Prevea physical, occupational and speech therapy experts can help enhance balance, build strength, restore movement and improve speech and cognition through the use of the latest techniques and technologies.

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Are you dealing with a neurological disease, nervous system disorder or musculoskeletal back and neck conditions? Contact us today. Our Prevea neuroscience team of experts can help!