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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
Surgeon assisting with cancer treatment

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Our specially-trained staff care for patients during all stages of surgery and recovery.

Surgical treatment for cancer

Where hope meets innovation in the journey with cancer.
Compassionate care, every step of the way

We understand the gravity of a cancer diagnosis and offer surgical solutions tailored to your unique journey. Surgery for cancer is just one piece of the puzzle. Our approach to cancer care integrates surgery seamlessly into a comprehensive cancer care plan with our partners at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Centers, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy and follow-up care.  

We recognize that the journey through cancer treatment can be challenging. That’s why our compassionate surgical team provides unwavering support to patients and their families, guiding them through each step of the process.  At Prevea and our partner HSHS Hospitals, you’ll experience: 

  • Innovation: We use the latest advancements in surgical technology. 
  • Expert surgical teams: Our skilled surgeons bring a wealth of experience to each case. 
  • Patient-centered care: Tailored treatment plans designed for each individual’s needs. 
  • Comprehensive care: A multidisciplinary team that ensures a complete approach to healing. 
  • Compassionate care: Supportive care to address emotional well-being throughout the process. 

Unparalleled expertise 

Surgery may be recommended for many different reasons in a person’s cancer care such as for diagnosis, staging, prevention, reconstruction, palliative (to reduce pain) or tumor removal. 

At Prevea Health, our team of skilled surgeons are equipped with the latest advancements in medical technology and are dedicated to delivering exceptional care. Our surgeons are board certified, and many are fellowship trained in their area of specialty. 

Connect with us for a personalized consultation 

Have questions or ready to take the next step? Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced surgeons to explore the personalized surgical solutions available. We’re here to guide you through every aspect of your cancer treatment. Second opinions are welcomed. Call (920) 496-4700 or (888) 277-3832

Key services

We offer surgical care for cancer patients in the following specialties. These specialties would treat any number of cancers in that area of specialty:

Insurance and financial assistance

Many health care services provided at Prevea Health are covered by health insurance policies. We gladly file claims on your behalf. Prior to scheduling an appointment, verify your benefits and confirm whether the provider and/or hospital are within your insurance network. Learn more here

Surgical treatment for cancer

Choosing a cancer surgeon can be difficult and it often comes as the result of a referral from your doctor. Our services are available throughout northeast Wisconsin and Sheboygan.