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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
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Prevea's experienced therapists can help increase your quality of life when dealing with conditions affecting the ear, nose and throat.

Therapy for ear, nose and throat

Care for dizziness, balance, voice and swallowing conditions
Why choose therapy to help with conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat?


Therapy for ENT can help with conditions affecting the ears and eyes (making it difficult to read, disturb your balance or make you feel dizzy) as well as overcome or manage your conditions affecting your nose or throat (speaking clearly, swallowing or breathing properly a struggle).

For patients dealing with dizziness or poor balance — or any condition that affects the voice, swallowing or airway — our therapy specialists will develop a personalized plan to address their specific need. We offer the most advanced treatments available, to help patients regain balance and improve swallowing and communication.

You can trust us to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy that enhances and improves life, using the latest technology and treatment techniques. Whichever obstacle you’re facing, it can affect your happiness and quality of life. With the help of Prevea’s specialists, it doesn’t have to. We will work with you and your primary care provider to decrease your symptoms and help you complete activities with ease. 


Cash pay is available

We understand that in some situations, it may be less expensive to pay cash for therapy than to go through your insurance provider. And in most cases, no referral is needed. 

No referral needed

Direct access without a referral or prescription to physical or occupational therapy provides you with immediate access to start your treatment without delay.

Balance and vestibular disorders

Conditions affecting the ears may disturb your balance or make you feel dizzy. A customized balance and vestibular therapy program through Prevea physical therapists can help you overcome or manage your balance or vestibular conditions

Speech, language and swallowing therapy

Speech, language, airway and swallowing disorders can make it difficult to communicate and live life to the fullest. Prevea speech-language pathologists are specialty trained to help you manage and overcome these conditions by developing a custom therapy plan to help you reach your recovery goals.

LSVT BIG® & LSVT LOUD® therapy

Movement and communication disorders caused by Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions have a profound impact on a person’s life. The disorders not only change muscle function, but they also can change a person’s perceptions of voice and movement. Prevea therapy can help!

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Are you dealing with conditions affecting the ears, nose or throat making it difficult to read, feel dizzy and unbalanced or challenges speaking, swallowing or breathing? Prevea therapy can help!