Osteoporosis program

Elderly woman smiling at the camera Elderly woman smiling at the camera
Osteoporosis occurs silently. It often announces its presence after a fracture due to a minor fall, a bump or a sneeze. More than 200 million people worldwide are at risk for fractures caused by weak and brittle bones. However, many men and women don’t know they have the condition.

If you received a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis, take action to reduce the risk of a life-changing fracture. By working with osteoporosis specialists from the Prevea Fracture Center, you can strengthen your bones, improve your balance and prevent further bone loss to stay healthy and active throughout your life. Even if you have experienced a fracture, osteoporosis can be treated.

When you are part of Prevea Fracture Center’s osteoporosis program, you will work with an orthopedic specialist who will:
  • Evaluate your bone health
  • Provide extensive osteoporosis education
  • Develop a personalized treatment plan for you

During your initial 30-minute appointment, you and your orthopedic specialist will:
  • Thoroughly review your health history
  • Assess your risk factors for falls and talk about ways you can reduce your risk at home and while visiting other places
  • Discuss diet and weight-bearing exercises beneficial for your bone health
  • Correct vitamin D, calcium and magnesium deficiencies
  • Work with you to help stop smoking
  • Discuss your alcohol intake
  • Help you manage your risk of osteoporosis and related fractures
  • Determine if you should have a DEXA scan
  • Order appropriate laboratory tests
If you are concerned about osteoporosis or osteopenia, the orthopedic specialist at Prevea Fracture Center can answer your questions and develop a personalized osteoporosis treatment or prevention plan for you. During your treatment, we will also send updates to your primary care provider detailing your treatment and your progress.