Patient Centered Medical Home

Young couple talking to male doctor with a clipboard Young couple talking to male doctor with a clipboard
Despite the name, Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is not a building or a home at all. Instead, it is an approach to health care that focuses on you and your needs. The PCMH model of health care focuses on communication and shared responsibility to ensure that your specific health care needs are met.

The current model of health care for many organizations focuses on doctors seeing patients primarily when they are sick, which is not always effective for patients. Physicians are often rushed through appointments and can lack a clear understanding of specific needs and medical history. This lack of communication can lead to frustration for everyone involved and often results in confusion or a feeling of disengagement from the individuals own health care.

Through the PCMH model of care, we hope that each time you visit your Prevea provider, your time will be spent focusing on the issues that matter most to you. In the long-term, this will help reduce costly emergency room visits, lessen the burden of chronic disease and help to coordinate your doctors and specialists with other services that may help improve your total wellness.

Taking an active role in your own health care

The PCMH model allows us to serve you better by helping you take an active role in your own health care. The most important responsibility that you will have as a part of this program is to communicate openly with your Care Manager, your primary contact in the PCMH. By letting us know how you are doing on a regular basis, we will be better able to serve you if any issues do arise.

Your responsibilities as a patient in the PCMH program may include:
  • Completing regular check-ins with your Care Manager
  • Reporting any progress, effects of current medication regularly
  • Updating your My Prevea account regularly or as directed
  • Communicating any new symptoms, illnesses or concerns as they arise

Better care means better results

Prevea's PCMH model of care results in an improvement in health and overall wellness for patients. Benefits that our patients have noticed include:
  • Better control over any chronic illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • A better understanding of your medications and their effects
  • More cost effective health care as a result of improved preventative care
  • A better connection with your doctor and primary care team.
At Prevea, our PCMH approach starts with your primary care provider - someone who takes the time to listen, answers your questions and gets to really know you. We believe that the best health care starts with a trusted relationship, someone who will be there with you for all your health care needs.

If that sounds right for you, we invite you to join our Medical Home.