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  • middle aged man jogging on a trail through the woods
    Movement analysis programs for running, biking and throwing
    Are you looking to improve your running, biking or throwing performance and efficiency? Are you hoping to decrease pain or prevent injury?
  • woman stretching shoulder behind her head
    Tenex Health TX
    When physical therapy, cortisone injections, medication and rest don’t provide relief, the TENEX HEALTH TX™ procedure might be the solution to your long-lasting tendon pain.
  • black man stretches shoulder out while standing on walking path
    Proteus® – measuring your body’s strength and power
    Recovery after an injury can be a long process. To help you return to your best self, Prevea offers the Proteus® System, a patented technology for strength and power evaluation and rehabilitation.
  • white woman and asian man doing uneven pushups in mirrored wall gym
    Muscle analysis MRI
    Prevea Health has partnered with Springbok Analytics, an MRI software company, to create personalized 3D muscular reports to identify and measure every individual muscle
  • Middle age couple walking their bikes outside in autumn
    Living with arthritis pain - what can you do to keep active?
    Approximately 50 million Americans deal with some form of arthritis or a related disease that causes pain.
  • man holding back
    Oh, my aching back: when to see a doctor
    Ouch! A kink, a crack, a pull in your back. Is it serious or could it be a muscle strain? Will it go away?
  • woman sitting at a computer desk holding her back in pain
    Got lower back pain?
    Do you experience pain that starts in your lower back and spreads to your legs? Learn about lumbar stenosis.
  • Group of men and women doing side planks at the gym
    Core strengthening exercises
    The core is the bridge of muscles between your upper and lower body; left and right sides.
  • Person shoveling snow
    Clear snow safely this winter
    No matter how expert we believe ourselves to be, a refresher on safe snow removal is always beneficial.
  • Man intensely lifting weights with a woman walking on a treadmill behind him
    Cardio vs. weight training
    Traditional weight loss focuses on cardio, while building muscle and bulking up relies on weight lifting.
  • Middle aged couple hugging outside
    Osteoporosis results in more than one million fractures each year in the U.S. However, for some, it’s a condition that may go undiagnosed.