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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
Doctor Examining Patient's Foot

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Prevea's compassionate providers can help care for your feet.

Routine foot care

Specialized care to maintain your feet and toes health
Why choose Prevea for routine foot care in Northeast Wisconsin?

Is caring for your feet a difficult task? Diabetes and other diseases can often cause foot issues and make caring for your feet a challenge. If you need regular assistance to care for your feet, visit Prevea’s Routine Foot Care Clinic. If needed, our skilled podiatrists are also onsite for referrals.

$45 for each session.

Payment to be made at check-in. Insurance will not be billed.

Key services

  • Corn/callous trimming care
  • Foot care guidance and counseling
  • Toenail clipping

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If you are looking for assistance to help care for your toes and feet with toenail clipping, callous trimming and overall foot care guidance, contact us today. We can help.