3D muscle analysis to optimize injury management and performance. 

Prevea Health has partnered with Springbok Analytics, an MRI software company, to create personalized 3D muscular reports to identify and measure every individual muscle − creating a digital twin of your muscle structure. This is available for all lower body assessments from your hips down to your feet. 

Deficient muscle volume, muscle imbalances and/or injuries represent a risk to health and high performance. This technology delivers objective data and digestible visualizations. It’s a tool that significantly helps our team deliver personalized care to help you reduce the risk of injury, recover from an injury or optimize your performance through an objective assessment to determine if your muscle health is optimized for your sport and/or lifestyle. 

The muscle analysis MRI is $995. 

HSA is accepted. Not billable to insurance. 

Credit and debit cards preferred; checks are accepted and may delay the MRI. 



Injury management 
  • Reduce risk of injury. 
  • Individualized physical therapy/recovery. 
  • Return to activity.
  • Personalized training. 
  • Optimization through correcting muscle imbalances. 
  • Better quality of life. 


View these sample reports to see how the results are delivered. An athletic trainer will review your results and discuss next steps at the consult appointment. 

Start Today

  • Call Prevea Health at (920) 272-3300 to schedule your MRI appointment and MRI results consult. Payment is due prior to scheduling your MRI appointment. 
  • Attend your MRI appointment. 
  • Attend your consult appointment to review your report and discuss next steps. This appointment is typically within a few days of your MRI.
Springbok report is an in-depth analysis of the patient’s musculature and is not intended to be used for diagnostic purposes. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is safe and uses no radiation.