For women: three benefits of a vasectomy

Young black couple leaning on each other smiling Young black couple leaning on each other smiling
At some point in your relationship there may be a discussion about whether or not to have more kids, or any children at all. A vasectomy may be a good option for permanent birth control for him, and for you. Here’s why.

The risk of pregnancy is low

A vasectomy is a reliable form of birth control. It’s 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. IUDs and tubal ligation have similar effectiveness. Birth control pills and the withdrawal method are much less effective. Only abstinence is 100% effective.

No contraception side effects for you

Birth control medication and some IUDs can have side effects including cramping, spotting, headaches, mood swings, weight again and depression. Hormonal birth control methods can also increase the risk for developing some kinds of cancer. If your partner has a vasectomy, you may choose to forego using contraceptives and skip the side effects.

You can skip the tubal ligation

A tubal ligation is also known as having your tubes tied. While it’s a safe and effective way to provide permanent birth control, it is a surgery. It’s performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. Like any surgery or procedure, it comes with risks. Compare this to a vasectomy which is performed in a urologist’s office, only takes 20 minutes, risks and potential complications are lower and recovery only takes a few days. A vasectomy is also less expense.