Proteus® – measuring your body’s strength and power

black man stretches shoulder out while standing on walking path black man stretches shoulder out while standing on walking path

State-of-the-art therapy equipment

Recovery after an injury can be a long process. To help you return to your best self, Prevea offers the Proteus® System, a patented technology for strength and power evaluation and rehabilitation. 

Traditional strength equipment often limits muscle engagement to one motion, but Proteus sets itself apart by using 3D constant resistance that targets all planes of movement at once. This allows safer, more efficient and more effective training throughout full functional ranges of motion. Proteus fosters twice the neuromuscular stimulation compared to traditional cables and free weights while reducing stress on joints and tissues. 

Proteus simplifies the rehabilitation experience through exercise programs and specific test protocols to measure power and strength while addressing imbalances. Proteus testing produces specialized reports, which prove invaluable during a patient’s transition back to their everyday life, sport or workplace. These reports highlight specific imbalances and offer personalized training recommendations. This streamlined approach ensures a faster and more effective recovery process. 

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Call Prevea Health at (920) 272-3380 to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist. Proteus is available at the Prevea Ashwaubenon Health Center.