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Are you looking to improve your running, biking or throwing performance and efficiency? Are you hoping to decrease pain or prevent injury? Prevea’s movement analysis programs for running, biking and throwing are customized based on your goals and experience. For $175, you could be doing the sport you love with correct form, less pain and better accuracy.

Running assessment and movement analysis

Do you want to improve your running performance, decrease pain or prevent injury? Prevea’s running assessment for beginner or experienced runners will help improve your running performance and efficiency.
The assessment includes a running analysis, followed by a customized program for your specific running style. A precise mechanical assessment will be completed by a doctor of physical therapy, utilizing technology and video analysis. During the assessment, your running style will be recorded from multiple angles while you run on a treadmill. This video is then slowed down and reviewed with you to pinpoint which motions could be contributing to pain, efficiency and compensations. This will be cross-referenced with your specific strength and flexibility measurements to create an individualized plan designed to get you to that next level.
For $175, you could be doing the activity you love with correct form, less pain and better accuracy. Your assessment will include three visits with a doctor of physical therapy. The first visit is 75 minutes, with the remaining two visits at 60 minutes each.

Your running analysis will include:

  • A recorded video assessment of running form
  • Biomechanical assessment of the running cycle
  • An evaluation of flexibility and strength
  • Injury-specific special tests
  • Customized exercise plan to improve performance
  • Footwear analysis

Bike fitting and movement analysis

Our goal is to provide you with a good bike fit for your body and your bicycling goals. We will evaluate and position you correctly on your bicycle, which allows you to pedal more efficiently and help you stay safer and injury free.

For $175, this program includes:

  • One 90-minute visit with an optional 45-minute second visit
  • Review of cycling history, training regimen and goals
  • Comprehensive evaluation including range of motion, strength testing and flexibility
  • Bicycle positioning assessment with adjustments for correct positioning of saddle/seat, cleat/pedal and handlebars on road, mountain, commuter or triathlon bikes
  • Cycling form analysis
  • Exercise program for injury prevention and pain reduction
  • Optional second visit includes: fine tuning bike, including installation and/or adjustments of newly added/purchased bike parts; and additional exercises or performance recommendations

Visits do not include bicycle parts.

Throwing assessment and movement analysis

The throwing assessment can help throwing athletes of all ages improve their throwing mechanics to reduce pain, reduce the risk of future injuries and return to throwing after injury. Non-pain related benefits may include improved consistency and speed of throws.

For $175, this program includes:

  • Two 60-minute visits
  • An evaluation of strength and flexibility, including functional tests 
  • Review of throwing history: position, years of experience, intensity of schedule and warm up/cool down routine
  • Video movement analysis  
  • Customized home exercise program