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An Update on Prevea’s Western Wisconsin Operation
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Prevea corporate health and wellness

Simple solutions. Personal programs. Positive results.
Why choose Prevea Health for your corporate health and wellness offerings?

At Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness, we’re focused on results. We listen. And then provide personalized solutions that generate positive, healthy results for your business and your employees.

Maybe it’s a healthy lifestyle offering such as biometrics or wellness counseling to jumpstart your healthy living initiative; or assistance in managing your overall population health. Maybe you’re wondering if the answer to lowering your business’ health care costs involves an onsite health and wellness package or a revamped occupational health focus?

As the premier local health and wellness program, Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness provides simple, personal and effective solutions for your business to deliver healthy results. Simply put? We make it easy for you to invest in your employees’ health.

Occupational health and safety programs

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. The health and safety of your employees is our primary focus and we will work with you to develop a wellness and safety strategy allowing your employees to work smarter and recover faster from on-the-job injuries.

Clinical offerings for your bottom line

Create a healthy workplace by giving your employees access to affordable health care options at work or nearby. Prevea’s clinical offerings are fully customizable depending on the needs of your business with a focus on lowering your business’ health care costs.

Healthy lifestyle wellness offerings

A healthy life creates happy, satisfied employees. Your customized program provides your employees with motivational tools, health education experts and consistent support to make positive lifestyle and behavior changes – creating life-changing results.

Executive wellness physical program

The health of your organization is only as secure as your executives’ well-being. The Executive Wellness Experience supports the long-term productivity of you and your company’s key players. We deliver a comprehensive, affordable medical assessment, provided with the premier customer service.

Population health management

Through using innovative data analysis techniques and wellness-driven tools, Prevea’s team of health care professionals partner with you to create the most effective health and wellness options.

Employee utilization and wellness programs are consistently measured, analyzed, and modified if needed. Constant examination of your business’s strategic data points generates the best results…for your employees and your business.

Prevea’s population health management solutions provide healthy employees and a healthy bottom line.

“We have seen a huge amount of savings related to our health costs and, even more important, our employees are healthier. There’s definitely a return on investment. For every dollar we spend at the wellness center, we get a 45 cent return. The fact you can use this for recruitment and retention is invaluable, especially in today’s job market where it’s very difficult to find talent you are looking for.” 

— Tammy Flora, Vice President of Human Resources at Masters Gallery Food Inc. 

    Analyze population health using these data points:

    • Chronic disease conditions and prevalence within your population base
    • Employee wellness data
    • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) results
    • HIPAA-compliant demographic data of your employees
    • General population health data
    • Third Party Administrator (TPA) data, such as ER utilization, high-end imaging utilization, and hospital re-admissions
    • Wellness center utilization data

    Explore health and wellness options

    Invest in your employee’s health by offering convenient medical and wellness services. We provide a simple workplace wellness solution with customized options to generate positive results.