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Additional employee benefits

Types of leave and the Service Member Amendment

Prevea Health provides family and medical leave of absence without pay to eligible employees who need to take time off for family and medical situations who are temporarily unable to work due to their own serious health condition or serious health condition of qualifying family member in accordance with Wisconsin and Federal Family and Medical Leave Acts (FMLA).
Full-time and part-time employees who have successfully completed 30 days of employment may take up to five consecutive dates for the loss of a parent, child or spouse and up to three days for other family members outlined in MCN Policy Manager. 

Prevea encourages employees to fulfill their civic responsibilities by serving jury duty when required. Full- time and part-time employees who have successfully completed 30 days of employment may receive up to 30 days of paid jury duty leave during regularly scheduled hours. See Employee Handbook for further information.

Please see Jury Duty Policy in MCN Policy Manager.

On Jan. 28, 2008, an amendment to the Family and Medical Leave Act was signed into law. This expansion requires employers to allow the immediate family members of service personnel to take unpaid leave. See Employee Handbook for further information.

Please see Service Member Amendment in MCN Policy Manager.

Paid time off (PTO)

Prevea believes everyone should take an annual rest from their duties and therefore provides paid time off to its full-time and part-time employees (scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week) who have successfully completed 30 days of employment.

PTO allows you to take paid time off for:
  • Vacations
  • Holidays
  • Personal days
  • Weather emergencies
  • Family emergencies
  • Medical appointments
  • Illness or injury

PTO was established as an easier way to track and manage all time away from work.

PTO is an accrued number of hours of paid leave per year based on your length of service with Prevea.  PTO is intended to provide you with continued income while you are off work for any number of reasons.
The table below illustrates the accrual rates for a full-time employee working 40 hours per week.
Years of service Maximum yearly accruals Accrual rate
0-5 years 23.5 days (188 hours) .090385
6-7 years 28.5 days (228 hours) .109615
8 years 29.5 days (236 hours) .113462
9 years 31.5 days (252 hours) .121154
10-19 years 33.5 days (268 hours) .128846
20-25 years 35.5 days (284 hours) .136538
26+ years 37.5 days (300 hours) .144231


In the spring and fall each year, employees with PTO balances greater than 120 hours, Prevea Health offers a PTO buy-back benefit.*

For more on the PTO policy including eligibility, accrual of PTO and buy-back benefits, please refer to the Prevea Employee Handbook found on the Prevea Intranet/SharePoint and/or ADP. 

*The current PTO buy-back program will be ending 12/31/2022 and will be replaced with the new PTO cash out program. 

Employee assistance program (EAP)

Prevea Clinic has developed an Employee Assistance Program for all Prevea Clinic and Health Plan providers/employees and their families. The program has been designed to assist people with work/professional and personal/family issues and is open to all providers/employees, their dependents, and those family members residing in the provider/employee’s primary residence.

  • Direct assessment, treatment, and counseling services for those with emotional, behavioral, family, or stress related problems with referrals to other agencies as needed.
  • Educational offerings for all Prevea providers/employees on a variety of mental health and wellness topics.
  • Consultation to the organization and providers/employees to facilitate problem solving in job related situations upon request.
  • Any Prevea employee or family member living in her/his home is eligible for EAP services.
  • Information about EAP services will be included in the new employee orientation process.
  • Prevea employees and immediate family members are eligible for three Behavioral Care therapy sessions per issue/problem each year at no cost.  If more sessions are required the health insurance will be billed. All EAP records are kept in the Behavioral Care Department. No dictation is done outside the department and no route slip is produced for this benefit. 
  • Psychological testing, psychiatric services, and medication management are not provided as a component of EAP benefits.
  • If a Behavioral Care Therapist is unable to see the employee due to a conflict of interest or concerns about dual relationships, the person will be referred to another behavioral care provider and every effort will be made to assist the person in securing a timely appointment.
  • Behavioral Care Department employees may access their EAP sessions through an outside behavioral care provider.  Any Behavioral Care Department employee desiring to use EAP services should contact the Human Resources Manager to secure the names of approved behavioral care providers in the community before scheduling any appointments. 
  • The cost of the sessions that are commensurate with internal EAP benefits will be covered by Prevea Clinic.
Click here to learn more about the Prevea employee assistance program (EAP).

Adoption assistance

For Prevea employee’s seeking to grow their families through adoption, Prevea provides financial support for eligible adoption expenses. Prevea Health providers up to $5,000 in adoption reimbursement benefits to all eligible employees of the organization.  
  • Staff working a .5 FTE or greater (scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week) are eligible for adoption assistance the first of the month following one full calendar month of employment
  • If both parents are employed with Prevea both are eligible
  • Must be actively employed with Prevea at the time the adoption is final
  • Adopted child must be under the age of 18 and may not be biologically related to either parent
  • Domestic and/or internationally adoptions are eligible

Prevea Health Discounts & Rewards


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Tuition reimbursement

To promote the development and growth of all our employees, Prevea Health offers up to $4,000 per year of tuition reimbursement for staff seeking a formal educational opportunity in an effort to contribute to the organization beyond their current capacity. Continued education may be completed in an effort to advance in a current role and/or acquire skills or knowledge for a current or future role that the individual or organization is seeking.
This benefit is available to all employees who are actively employed, in good standing, and have been employed with Prevea for at least 6 months. The maximum amount of reimbursement per Calendar Year will be based on the employees budgeted FTE at the time of application.
  • 16-20 per week - $2,000 max annual allowance
  • 21 + per week - $4,000 max annual allowance

Dependent scholarships

The G. Robert and Bonnie Kaftan Scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to children of Prevea employees seeking higher education. Dr. Kaftan practiced pediatrics in Green Bay for several decades. When Prevea was formed, he was the first medical director and two years later become president. His impact on health care in our community will continue for decades. 
Prevea annually awards two $1,000 and two $500 scholarships. Applicants must be enrolled or accepted to an undergraduate program at any college with any major, full or part-time. Current or past employees of Prevea are not eligible. Applicants should be children of a current Prevea employee, full or part-time (children of PRN or casual staff not eligible).
This annual $1,000 scholarship is given in honor and memory of Kathryn “Tina” Schuster, who joined the Prevea/HSHS family in 1986, serving in the Emergency Department and most recently as a gynecologic oncology nurse at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital for 15 years. Tina was known for above and beyond compassion and patient care by both her patients and colleagues. This scholarship will be given to someone enrolled or accepted in a nursing program who strives to give patient-centered, compassionate care, something that Tina exemplified throughout her career.
To be eligible, applicants must be:
  • enrolled in or accepted to a professional nursing program (LPN, RN, APNP) and 
  • be a Prevea or HSHS employee (Full-time, part-time, PRN and casual staff are all eligible) OR be a child of a Prevea or HSHS employee

Rehire policy

Prevea Health Services supports qualified staff returning to the organization when they have left positions with a positive performance record (this policy is separate of any formal leave of absence from the organization). 
If a staff member resigns from Prevea after 30 days of employment and returns within three (3) months or less, the staff member will be reinstated with their original start date and benefit status.

Additional discounts

Discounts are valid for all Prevea and HSHS hospital colleagues and physicians including their spouse/ domestic partner and children 18 years old and younger.
To receive your colleague discount, colleagues are required to show their colleague identification badge or send a copy with written authorization for a family member to receive the discount at the time of the order. For more information and a list of locations, click here.
Prevea Families Save on Early Childhood Education with KinderCare! Prevea and KinderCare Education have partnered to provide a 10% savings on tuition at KinderCare Learning Centers and Champions school programs. Enjoy access to safe, fun, and engaging learning experiences with proven curriculum for ages 6 weeks to 12 years with industry leading health and safety measures. KinderCare is helping kids reconnect with learning and friends so families can find stability after a year of change.

KinderCare has partnered with Prevea to help support one of the biggest financial burdens on families: the cost of early childhood education. The tuition benefits program is available at over 1,500 KinderCare Learning Centers and over 500 Champions before- and after-school programs nationwide. The tuition benefits program reduces the economic cost for enrolling your child in early learning education.

This offer is available for anyone who currently may have children already in KinderCare centers, or for anyone considering changing their current childcare provider, looking for before- or after-school care, or interested in any of our other program options that KinderCare oversees. For locations, to schedule a virtual tour or tuition benefit resources, visit: or call 888-525-2780 . Remember to mention this program when enrolling to start receiving your 10% discount. If you are already enrolled at a KinderCare let the Center Director know you’re eligible for the Prevea discount and they will apply it for future use.

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