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Your child's health is our life’s work

Prevea Pediatrics and HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital work together to provide medical experts who work and live in the Green Bay area. Here, kids are a big deal. Kids are the focus of our lives and nothing is more important than their health and happiness.
Through our partnership, we can care for your child at any stage in their life – whether that be at one of our Prevea health centers or in the hospital. We work with you to make sure your child stays healthy, but should the unexpected happen and your child needs specialty care, we are here with the only children’s hospital and one of the largest pediatric medical teams in the area – providing the biggest commitment to kids Northeast Wisconsin and the Lakeshore has ever seen. 

HSHS St. Vincent Children's Hospital in Partnership with Prevea Health

With the first and only children’s hospital in Green Bay, we’ve gone the distance to offer the best health care for your child, so you don’t have to. Inside the walls of HSHS St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital provides pediatric emergency care, intensive care units, cancer care and more. Learn about HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital.

Child Life Specialists provide 1:1 support through play, education and other age-appropriate techniques. We have Child Life Specialists who are trained to help your child feel comfortable and cope with health care experiences. Learn how this group of specialists works with kids or how you can get involved.

Prevea Pediatrics partners with the only children's hospital in Green Bay

Children’s hospital partnership

Prevea Pediatrics partners with the only children's hospital in Green Bay, HSHS St. Vincent Children's Hospital, to offer your child the most advanced, expert care in the area.
Same-day and next-day appointments

Same day, next day and weekend appointments

We're here for you anytime, day or night - with a 24 hour phone nurse and same day weekday and weekend appointments.
pediatric specialties

Big-city medicine close to home

Find experts in a variety of pediatric specialties, caring for kids in Green Bay so don’t have to travel far for care.
Your kids are in the best of hands

Your kids are in the best of hands

You can breathe a sigh a relief knowing your child is in the best of hands. Because here, your kids are our life’s work. 


Key services

General Pediatrics

Prevea has dedicated pediatricians who specialize in taking care of children. We take care of newborns after delivery in the hospital and continue to be their doctor until early adulthood; up to age 22. Whether it's for regular well check-ups, sick visits or a referral to a specialist, our pediatricians are here to answer your questions and guide you as your kids grow.


Pediatric specialties

As a parent, you'd travel to the ends of the earth to find the best doctor for your child. Thankfully, you have access to amazing pediatrics teams right here in Green Bay. With expertise in many different pediatric specialties, we put a big focus on our littlest patients.